The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread at alarming rates across the world. The virus has hit Detroit, MI particularly hard – we have some of the steepest curves and highest fatality rates in the country. Detroit's healthcare workers face dangerous conditions every day to provide care to those infected with the virus.


Detroit is running out of protective eye equipment for its healthcare heros. Meanwhile, thousands of college students have something that is instrumental in protecting healthcare workers: our goggles from past lab classes.

That's where EyeAid comes in. EyeAid collects used (or new!) laboratory goggles from college students around the country and prepares them so that they are ready for hospital use. After we prep your goggles, we donate them to our network of Detroit-area hospitals.


EyeAid has worked with Detroit hospitals to develop a rigorous preparation procedure for all goggles that we receive from students. We give your goggles to hospitals only after we have adequately prepped them.

Find out more and donate your laboratory goggles today. There's no time to wait; our healthcare workers are desperate.

We have made sure that the hospitals in our donation network are hospitals in need of eye protection equipment. EyeAid's main job is to prepare and deliver your goggles so that they are ready for hospital use.

EyeAid values accountability. That is why when you donate a pair of goggles, EyeAid will tell you exactly which hospital your donation went to.

Visit the Our Operation page to learn more about our process.

More college students donating = more lives saved. That means that EyeAid must reach as many colleges as possible. If you attend a college or university, you are instrumental in spreading our message to your campus. Learn more here on how to spread the word.

EyeAid Detroit

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